Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Empress

Hello everybody!

Well, it's finally out: the stop animation film "The Empress" by Lyle Pisio.
A couple of years ago, Lyle Pisio heard a rough cut of Briga's song "Empress" before it even made it on her album "Diaspora", and he fell in love with the song. So much so that he started carving two figurines  out of wood, one male and one female, followed by his spending 8 months in his studio going through the process of filming the two characters frame by frame until his 8:00 minute film was done.
The stop animation film went on to tour the world in 2009/2010 and get recognition worldwide: Awards

Now, The Empress has hit the internet. So go ahead, click here to watch the movie. It is truly a beautiful work of art. A big thank you to Lyle Pisio and his stunning talent!

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