Thursday, August 13, 2009

PRE-RELEASE: Briga's double CD album "Diaspora" is available online!

If you are interested in getting a copy of Briga's new double CD album "Diaspora", check us out at CD Baby & itunes...!

Exciting? Yes ;) Daunting? Yes ;p Relieving & Stressful? All of the above!
A lot of people have come into play in realizing this dream. Many faces, chapters and encounters have been met, and I'd like to dedicate this post to all of them. So I figured I'd break it down to a few anecdotes of interesting times we've shared up until now. Here's a photo of Studio Karisma sound genius Guy Hébert & I during the Mastering of the Album. We spent a very relaxed day together, listening, going to the Polish Bakery, eating so many wonders of food, and drinking tea. Oh...did I mention that we worked hard?!

And after waiting to get the design and printing lined up...It's finaly arrived! A very narrow miss but it all worked out!
The goal was to have the CD ready to share with music lovers at a show we played last night in Ste-Geneviève, Québec. Our good friends at Standard Media Services ( had shipped the order out from Ottawa to Montreal on August 11th, with the goal of it arriving at my place before noon on August 12th.

As profound stupidity would have it, the order was missed and was now floating somewhere around the island of Montréal in a Purolator truck before it would be retired at the Purolator Headquarters in ANJOU @ 6:30pm. Let me remind you that the show was due to start at 7:30pm and end no later than 8:30pm. The manager, Joe Cuntrera, was facing the possibility that he just might have to drive all the way out to Anjou (about 40 minutes each way) during the show to get those CDs.

Needless to say, what happened next was a gift. On his way to come pick us up before the gig, Joe took a wrong turn and found himself face to face with a Purolator truck. He pulled over and managed to catch the guy in the truck. "Excuse-me, would you by any chance have a box of 1000 CDs that weren't deliverable?" The guy answered "YES!" They checked the name, and it was definitey our order!

So that's that! The CDs were retrieved, Joe never had to drive to Anjou and we got to La Salle Pauline Julien in time for the gig.

As for the album release, it was scheduled for October 2nd at Café Sarajevo but news has it that Café Sarajevo has just lost a court case in regards to being a live music venue. So while we search for a new venue to release the album, we will be selling CDs through CD Baby, itunes and mail order....

Briga ;)

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